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Who sells online anyway?


Just as there are many reasons to sell a home, there are plenty of reasons to choose our online property sales service. We lift the lid on the decisions some very different clients made when they signed up to our online service.
At first glance, our very first client for our online service seemed to tick all the boxes as a ‘typical’ online sellers. She is, after all, an internet-savvy, 'early adopter' in her 30’s. But her decision was multi-layered with lots of other preferences too. 
The lower cost of our online service would help her to maximise the profits from her sale. The lower cost of an online sales service is a big draw for many people. Unlike the traditional sales service though, the fee is payable up front. This leads every single online sales client to ask themselves, “Can I trust this agent?”
Our client wasn’t making a random decision to work with Mark Smith Estate Agents, she had done her research and asked for recommendations from other vendors and buyers. Living life online doesn’t mean losing sight of the real world experience - our client liked the fact that we maintain a high street presence in Whitstable. She can come to us for face to face meetings and knows that we are committed to the bricks and mortar of our business as well as our reputation. 
This client also knew that she was our first online client. Who would ever want to be the ‘guinea pig’ for a new online service? Well interestingly this client saw a number of benefits. She knew that she might be the person to find ‘glitches’ and problems, but she would also benefit from our focus on the progress and success of her online sale. 
For our first online sales client, her decision to choose our online sales service turned out to be the fact that she wouldn’t have to sacrifice any level of customer service. (We like THAT a lot!)
Does it surprise you to learn that not all online sales clients are confident in their IT skills and even view the internet with caution. Why would these people choose an online sales service? 
In the case of a group of retirees with joint ownership of a property, they began looking at online sales services for two interesting reasons:
  • The first was that they had an instinctive belief that online sales are the future of estate agency. If the world is moving online, they were ready to jump on the wagon and reap the benefits of lower costs and clear communication.
  • The second was that as a group of joint owners, the online service would give them all access to the details and progress of their sale. The level of transparency that the online sale would give them would support them in making shared decisions and communicating openly about the process and flexibility to negotiate directly with buyers.
These reasons are just the start of understanding and choosing an online service. Their decision to choose Mark Smith Estate Agents online service is that we are accountable for the service we deliver.
We can be found throughout the week at our High Street office in the heart of Whitstable. These clients knew from experience and from recommendations that our reputation is everything to us. The decision to sign up to our online service reflects their trust that they will get the active sales progressing service that delivers a genuinely successful sale.
Other aspects of our online sales service gave these clients further comfort that selling online would work for them. While our online sales service offers lots of direct control for the vendors, our sales negotiators take an active role in preparing property descriptions. We take photos to accurately and attractively market each property for our online service. We provide the property measurements and descriptions in compliance with Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. 
The clients that choose an online service will always be a varied and diverse group. We predict that the only constants our clients will share is that they put trust and accountability as the most important reasons to choose Mark Smith Estate Agents Online. That’s what we believe and that’s what we’ll deliver.
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