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When is it the right time to make an offer?


The Holy Grail of new homes is possible. In fact, it’s possible that you can find all the checklist features you want in more than one home, but then you ask yourself – is this the right time to make an offer?

There are the very practical points of looking for a home within your budget and in the right location. We recommend talking through the checklist of what you are looking for with family and friends. It can be tempting to look at homes through a filter of how we want to live instead of how we actually are living.

Consider how commuting, school runs, home working or retiring will reflect on the way you use your home. Taking on a garden that you won’t have time to look after, will be a burden. Similarly, thinking that you might tackle a home renovation on modest DIY skills, could lead to unforeseen bills down the line. On the other hand, if you plan to readjust your life to your new home, it’s good to be ready and aware of those changes before you make your offer.

And when you’ve looked at properties, browsed over the online details and been on a viewing… there comes that moment of choice. Will this be the house that becomes your home? Our answer is to trust your instincts. Allow yourself to notice which homes strike you as ‘happy homes’. If you see features that you particularly like or if you fall in love, there’s no harm in sleeping on your decision before making an offer – if you can bear to take the risk of another buyer make their move first.

Choosing a new home on the basis of practical checklists is a constructive start, but listening to your heart as you view and consider each property is invaluable. Buying, selling and moving need not be the most complicated transaction (at least with our team on board), but can require patience and diligence to co-ordinate the various wishes of all the parties concerned. You will welcome having the emotional reserves of a happy decision to buy to see you through any stressful moments of your purchase.

Trust your instincts and follow your heart. Is that a curiously emotional piece of advice to hear from an estate agent? We hope not – life is for living in happy homes and that’s a feature only you can put a value on.

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