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What's your sales strategy?


Home owners can have a hundred and one reasons for selling. Identifying the strategy for selling YOUR home will depend on what exactly you want to achieve.

A speedy sale

If speed of sale matters most to you, you'll need to think about the price and condition of your property. Your home doesn't have to be perfect to sell quickly - there are plenty of buyers on the look out for a 'project', but it's helpful to know what work might be required and to be straightforward about problem areas so that your sale doesn't stumble at a challenging survey, for example.

Be realistic about pricing too. Your home might be in a great location or offer amazing potential for expansion or refurbishment. Use realistic pricing to make sure all your potential buyers put your home on their 'must see' viewing lists.

Full asking price

If you know where your next move is taking you, you might well have a very clear idea of what you want your house sale to achieve.

Choosing a competitive sales priceallows you tofocus on maximising your property's kerb appeal and presentation. You are looking to to 'wow' viewers on their first viewing, giving them all the motivation they need to make a full asking price offer.

Be prepared to receive offers below your market price. You don't have to accept lower offers, but do listen to the feedback to check that you are doing all that you can to improve the appeal of your home to prospective buyers.

Beating the market

Pricing your home above current market values is a tempting strategy if you have specific, high financial goals in mind or you are strongly attached to the memories,improvementsor moneyinvested in your current home.

Taking this route, means that in addition to addressing your property's visual appeal, you will also need to add speak to your chosen agent about all the ways you can get your property seen by the largest number of viewers. You'll want to get as many viewers in, as early as possible, in order to attract your full price offer. There's always a risk with this strategy that your home might 'go stale' and be marked down by potential viewers as over-priced.

Top of the market price

Can you tick all the boxes? You will need to have a well maintained, beautifully presented home, great kerb appeal, good location and answers for anythe potentially tricky questions (you have got planning permission and building regulations approval in place for any refurbishments, for example).

The risk in choosing this top-flight strategy, is that you can get caught up in making your house just right in order to justify the highest price possible. We recommend asking for valuation early on so that we can advise on work that is essential and improvements that can be left for the next homeowner. That way you can secure the best return on your investment and not overspend on a home that you are planning to leave.

Book a valuation with us and we will help you shape a sales strategy for your property that delivers the results you are looking for.

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