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Meet the Team: Jeanette Hoban


Jeanette Hoban joined our team this September and we have to say, we are very happy to have her on board!

She knows the town and has lots of valuable experience in the property market, mortgages and the sales process. But, we know there’s more to someone than just their estate agency knowhow – and started asking a few more questions…

You are originally from Gillingham – does that make you a Kentish Maid? I have no idea. I’m not certain where ‘the border’ lies in the Medway towns, but since I’ve been working in Herne Bay and Whitstable since 2010, let’s assume I’m now a Maid of Kent.

You’ve been a branch and area manager at Halifax before moving into estate agency. What are your personal property goals? Well, having recently bought a house in Whitstable earlier this year – through Mark Smith Estate Agents, coincidentally – I am really keen to create a low maintenance garden. Our previous garden was beautiful but very time-consuming. We are currently working on refurbishing the house, but I keep thinking about that garden…!

What have you enjoyed about your move to Whitstable this year? So many things. We moved to Seasalter and are really enjoying the quiet location and space. My husband and I are exploring the area by bicycle. It’s been good to visit Faversham Creek which is only 7 and a half miles up the coast.

Tell us something astonishing about yourself, Jeanette? Astonishing? I don’t know if I can manage that, but I can tell you something that usually surprises people. I was born on 1 January – and so was my son. It’s not made us famous, but it has helped us to make the most of every New Year’s Eve party – people often don’t have much energy left to celebrate with us on the day itself.

That’s an amazing sequence of birthdays! Thank you for telling us about yourself. We look forward to discovering more about you as we work together on selling homes in and around Whitstable.