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Looking for love?


Househunting is like match-making, only more satisfying. I don’t say this just because I love my job (which I do!) but because it so true - at the start it can seem as if people have different goals and the timing is all wrong. And then the stars align: offers are accepted, details exchanged and dreams come true! Everyone’s list is so personal to their own needs and each house is unique, so it’s immensely rewarding to bring people, homes and chains together to a successful conclusion.

The other funny thing, is that when it comes to putting a list buying criteria together, we are often much less forgiving of differences, shortcomings or perceived flaws in the houses we view than we are of our partners’ idosyncracies. For example…

Good looks and charm. It’s okay. We don’t think you are shallow. We love our homes to be welcoming, approachable or perhaps even impressive. We have friends and family to visit and understand that positive kerb appeal can warm the hearts of even the most 'challenging' relative. A warm approach (whether it’s roses round the door or easy parking) is widely appreciated and can be a deal breaker for many buyers.

Situation. We’ll travel for the people we love, but for our home? We have to be happy that our new home is well placed for every day life. Maybe your next home has to be quiet and remote, or you prefer to be close to shops, schools, stations?  Wherever your ideal location, it needs to make life feel better. You can’t compromise on location (it’s not just Phil and Kirsty who say so).

Room for improvement. You’ve heard of adding potential value to a home? With careful investment, a tired or unloved property can be rapidly transformed. Where we would tread carefully with a lover, we’ve seen new home buyers bring the builders in on day one. We don’t have to be patient - we can extend, redecorate and style up our homes just as we want. Our home won’t be offended - in fact it will repay us with beauty, comfort and reselling potential. How strange it would be if lovers were as responsive to suggestions for self-improvement!

Perfection. Of course, not everyone wants to take on a project. So for everyone who has ever been told that ’noone is perfect’ - don’t worry. With patience, persistence and a realistic budget, you CAN find your perfect home. Just like a dating app, you are able to walk the full length of the housing ‘counter’, swiping left or right for your shortlist of dream properties.

The Dairy, Canterbury Road, Whitstable

Finding the one…

Don’t be shy. Whether it’s relationships or house hunting, at some point you have to put yourself out there. We recommend sprucing up your home and declaring your intentions by going on the market yourself. That will make every potential vendor sit up and notice your buying intention. Our valuations are free and no-obligation, just call 01227 272155 to arrange a convenient time.

You can talk to us about your goals for your sale and your criteria for your next purchase. We’ll be the knowledgeable, best friend who’s on hand with advice and a listening ear.