Instant Valuation

It's ALL about communication.


Returning to work after the Christmas break has been positively rewarding. Does that seem odd? All I know is that we've been looking across all our Whitstable properties and updating our clients on progress and looking forward to viewings and negotiations. Getting on the case with marketing updates is such a productive thing to do and we've had plenty to talk about….

In the first days of January we have seen full days of viewings. Who knows if other agents have been as busy, but we have been impressed at how many buyers have been researching the market over Christmas. Of course, we are picking up the phone to tell our clients about those visits. Agreeing times is critical - our vendors work hard to get their homes ready and it's awful if a potential buyer doesn't show up. So we cross all the t's and dot all the i's to make sure our viewings go smoothly.

We are also on the case with our social media activity. We have had marketing review discussions with clients and this includes bringing clients up to date with when and how their property will feature on our social media pages. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what we get up to in and around Whitstable.

Following viewings, we aim to get feedback to our vendors as promptly as possible. All that housework deserves a speedy response! Occasionally vendors like to manage their own viewings and we agree that they can bring a useful knowledge of the property and the local area to the sales process. It's interesting for us to see that, as agents, we are able to gain a greater amount of candid and helpful feedback from buyers when we've conducted the viewing on behalf of our vendors. The downside to vendor-led viewings appears to be that buyers can’t bear to explain why the property isn’t right for them once they’ve met and liked the owner. 

Already this month, we are also working on negotiations and offers. This is when we get to sharpen the focus on our vendors' priorities as they determine whether or not to accept offers. We will have verified the potential buyers position so our client will be as informed as possible about the strength of their offer and the buyers' ability to complete a successful transaction. 

Once offers have been accepted, our vendors are introduced to our dedicated sales progressor, Michelle. She works with Mark and Nikki to bring deals to a successful completion. She is in regular and frequent contact with buyers, vendors, agents and solicitors up and down the chain in order to ensure the paperwork is all moving along as efficiently as possible. We know all the questions to ask to help make sure issues around funding and mortgages are all tackled as early as possible in the process. 

Did you know that we post details of a selection of successful offers on our Facebook page? In fact, following our Facebook page can be a handy way of tracking activity across the Whitstable market. Our properties tend to move quicker than some other agents and we have fewer price reductions so we like think we offer an accurate view of market values.
With all these important things to talk about, we've had plenty of reasons to call our clients. We also use emails and text messages, because each client is different and has their preferred way of staying in touch. If you have any questions about our approach to communications, valuations, and achieve successful property transactions, please give us a call on 01227 272155, we look forward to hearing from you.