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Five ways to add value to your home


Property geniuses put plenty of hard work into adding value to their homes. But dig a little deeper and you'll discover that these smart movers also spend time online researching how best to add value to their current homes.

Here are some of our top five sites (not including our own) for value added inspiration:


So hot it has two zeds. Clear your diary for the next hour or so, because if you've never been there before, Houzz has stacks of ideas that could apply to your current or future homes. Search on hallway storage, small bathrooms, kitchen islands, utility rooms... whatever problem you want to solve, Houzz will have photos of real life solutions. It's creative, practical, extravagant.... anything you want it to be. You can save photos to your own 'lookbook' so that you have an easy way to revisit favourite ideas.

Apartment Therapy

If you've ever been tempted to decant flour into mason jars (if you don't know what mason jars are, don't worry. Move along, ain't nothing to see...) then you'll find something to love on Apartment Therapy. This site searches out sourcing and ideas for people who want to have a beautiful, organised home.


This is a haven for design nerds. Whether or not you can afford it, Remodelista is full of the latest design ideas for homes, furnishings & gardens. It describes itself as the sourcebook for considered living. If that sounds pompous, don't worry. It manages to include attractive ideas for kitchen trash cans.


You've identified your project and think you can do it yourself... the quickest way to get the measure of a home improvement project is to review the DIY advice pages of the B&Q website. It gives step by step photo guides to the project including tools and equipment. Knowing all the right words and phrases makes it easy to follow up your initial research for a YouTube video on how to master specific DIY techniques.


Not everyone can or even wants to do DIY. In which case, you'll need some extra help. Trustmark has some great tools and even apps to use when instructing tradespeople. The site can help you search for experienced professionals (although we like personal recommendations best of all) - but what we like most of all are:

  • The reality checklist: how to spot future home improvement projects when viewing your potential new home.
  • Mobile App: record conversations with tradespeople, keep audio, photo and text notes, guidance on questions to ask at the outset.

So crack on with the good work. We look forward to taking a look at the results of your labours when you are ready for a fresh, new valuation!

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