Prompt, damage-free, careful removal service by County Moves.

Our team of problem solvers

It turns out that Mark and Michelle had more than their own professional knowhow to see them through their recent house move. They also had a rock solid team of local professionals and tradespeople to make their move as stress free as possible.

We are often asked to recommend reliable and trusted people for all sorts for work relating to house moves and home improvements. Whitstable is extremely well-served with great trades people. We are going to name names, but even within our own office, we had positive stories to tell about lots of other local businesses too.

This list isn’t comprehensive – but it is personal. These are the people Mark and Michelle┬árely on:

County Moves. They’ve enabled lots of completions to stay on track with their can-do attitude and commitment to availability. On this occasion, they provided storage services too while work was underway on Mark and Michelle’s new home.

Stuart Spiller led the building work on the new house. He fixed a number of historic bodge jobs on the house – little things like adding a lintel above the replacement patio doors…! How reassuring to know that the roof’s not going to fall in.

A S North Limited rewired the whole house, bringing it right into the 21st century with hidden data cabling for the television and wifi.

Gulvin’s Heating and Plumbing Services Limited updated the bathrooms and central heating.

At the final hurdle, Mark and Michelle wanted their home to look beautiful too. Gary Ansett from Blue Sky Property Maintenance took care of all the painting and decorating work.

If you would like to name the heroes on your speed dial, please tell us about them. Mark and Michelle aren’t planning to move again for quite some time, so recommendations are a great way for us to stay informed about the leading local trades and services.