Michelle featured in a Channel 4 show and in the Mark Smith Estate Agents team.

Meet Michelle Rafferty, our dedicated sales progressor

Michelle Rafferty is key member of the Mark Smith Estate Agents’ team. Once offers are accepted, Michelle guides vendors and buyers towards a successful completion, keeping all lines of communication open as she keeps the momentum up on every deal. We think she’s a star for her focused attention to detail, but it turns out quite a few other people agree. We had a word with her to find out more.

You’ve not always been an estate agent have you, Michelle?  No, my background is the music industry. While I was at school, I was extremely lucky to have some work experience with a music licensing agency near Carnaby Street. They offered me a job as the office junior and I worked my way up to really good, degree-level job.

Does this mean you have some impressive music contacts?  (Laughs) No. Later on, I worked next door to Virgin Radio on Golden Square. That’s the closest I got to fame apart from when my Uncle Arthur (Arthur Mullard) would visit to collect his royalty cheques and take me out to lunch. That impressed my boss’ wife, at least!

Did you harbour any dreams to travel or go to university?  I did live in New Zealand for a while, but I was young and London was so much more exciting, so I came home. Like many other people, once we had children we moved to Whitstable for the quality of life and to be by the sea.

Life by the sea is wonderful, but what’s the best thing about being on the Mark Smith Estate Agents team?  I love looking after people and knowing they are going to be okay. I’m always talking to vendors, buyers, solicitors and other agents and discovering what matters to each client as the sale progresses. Even if things look difficult, I can’t give up. I’ve been known to sing and dance around the kitchen when we’ve overcome some really tricky obstacles for our clients. Even on my days off, I’ll hand deliver important documents to solicitors in Canterbury or wherever. I like to make sure that things happen as they should.

I have to ask – have you any more plans for TV appearances, say, on a certain Channel Four show?  (Laughs, again) You mean as the ‘obsessive cleaner’ asked to help a hoarder to declutter and clean her house. Fingers crossed, they might ask me back. It was really hard work but it’s lovely to help someone – especially when they don’t know where to begin.

You sound busy – do you ever relax?  Lola, my labrador retriever, makes sure I get out for a walk every day. Even if I’m driving the children about to Tankerton FC and various clubs, I make sure I spend time with my friends too. My mind is always on the go though, so I’m making plans to take up yoga!