Lisa Martin, top sales negotiator at Mark Smith Estate Agents

Meet Lisa Martin, our top sales negotiator

This interview is published in Whitstable Times, 26 May 2016.

Lisa Martin has made a significant contribution to Mark Smith Estate Agents’ strong sales for 2016.  As the team’s top sales negotiator, she has enabled the independent estate agent to sell CT5 properties quicker than any other high street agent in Whitstable. Lisa has been responsible for selling more than half of all the sales agreed by the Mark Smith team this year. We had a chat with Lisa to find out more about her:

How long have you been with Mark Smith Estate Agents, Lisa? It feels like I’ve been here forever, but it will actually be one year at the end of June 2016.

No pressure, but what’s the best thing about working at Mark Smith Estate Agents? The best thing is working with Mark, Michelle, Nikki and Michelle.  We spend a lot time together and while it’s really professional and we get the work done, its fun too. 

You have worked for other estate agents. Have you learned anything new here? A lot actually! It’s a different set up from other estate agencies. I’ve learned more about the buying and selling prices and developed as a sales negotiator. Nothing is scripted and I don’t have to push mortgage advice or ‘sell the sizzle’ (Yes – that’s a real thing in some firms!) This frees me up to be a normal person and not a pushy estate agent.

What’s been your favourite moment? There’s been lots of good moments, how do I pick one? Being told by buyers that I’m informative and actually listen to what buyers are saying is pretty nice.

In or out of the office, what are your likes and dislikes? Likes is definitely spending time with my family and having dinner time conversation with my family. Dislikes is easy – rudeness. It doesn’t cost anything to say please or thank you.

If you weren’t an estate agent and life had taken another turn, what would you be doing now? Riding horses I should think. I trained as a horse riding instructor at the Yorkshire Riding Centre with Chris Bartle and Jane Bartle-Wilson alongside a number of Olympic medallists. If life hadn’t brought me to Whitstable I think I might still be training people and horses for eventing. Now it’s my daughter’s turn to take up the reins.